Тяжелый автопогрузчик Hyster H25.00F  

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Цена по запросу
2002 г.
13250 ч.
По запросу
Рег. номер : 50008
Марка : Hyster
Модель : H25.00F
Состояние : БУ - хорошее
Год выпуска : 2002
Моточасы : 13 250 ч
Тип мачты : Триплекс
Грузоподъемность : 25,0 т
Подъемная высота : 6,0 м
Комментарии :
Type of fuel: Diesel
Fork length: 2.430,0 mm
Power: 158 kW (215 HP)
Year of manufacture: 2002
For more than 35 years, Tito Lifttrucks BV is teh point of reference for everything you need to get your goods, containers and virtually everything else lifted, moved, stowed, and stacked. We specialize – but not exclusively – in Hyster equipment. Although we sell and service other brands, Hyster is our preferred brand. We are conveniently located just two kilometres from their big truck factory and European spare parts warehouse, making it very easy to quickly access necessary parts and get them shipped to you.
Why do business with Tito Lifttrucks
Tito Lifttrucks has a strong reputation with its customers for delivering an all-in-one solution, making us the one-stop-shop for all your lifting needs. We deliver and can also ship, assemble, service and repair all our equipment. Furthemore, we have spare parts readily available, and if necessary we can send a mechanic anywhere in the world in case you need an emergency repair done.
REMEMBER our other unique service offerings:
• Training for drivers and mechanics
• Maintenance and repair
• Fast parts supply
• Large stock, both new and used
• Worldwide delivery
• Outstanding service

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