Гусеничный кран Hitachi KH180  

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Цена по запросу
1998 г.
По запросу
Рег. номер : 64778524
Марка : Hitachi
Модель : KH180
Состояние : БУ - хорошее
Год выпуска : 1998
Комментарии :
Shanghai Feiyun Heavy Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1995. The company is engaged in the repair, lease and transfer of construction machinery such as excavators, loaders, road rollers, forklifts and cranes. After more than ten years of development and growth, it has become the largest used construction machinery trading market in Shanghai and even in East China.
The company adheres to the principle of integrity and fair play. Our company has formal legal business license , thereby we strictly abide by relative international trade laws to ensure every customers ligitimate rights. Customers satisfaction is always our priority.
Used loaders, used road rollers, used bulldozers, used forklifts, used excavators, used graders, used car cranes and other construction machinery and equipment for low-cost transfer. We have full range of the above-mentioned machines and available in stock, reasonable price and excellent quality, quality inspectioned. The customer is free to test the machine on the spot, then negotiate.
Brand introduction:
Free shipping nationwide.
Used excavators
models are 13,20,35,45,55,60,70,80,90,120,130,150,200,220,240,300,450;
styles are crawler, tire type;
brands include Komatsu, Hitachi, Carter, Kobelco, Daewoo, Doosan, Yuchai, Shanhe Intelligent and other series of models.
Used loader
Models are 15,16,18,20,30,40,50,60;
Brands include Longgong, Xugong, Changlin, Liugong, Xiagong, Lingong nand other series of models.
Used road roller
models include 14 tons, 16 tons, 18 tons, 20 tons, 22 tons, 26 tons, 30 tons;
styles are single steel wheel, double steel wheel, iron three wheel, rubber wheel; brands have Xugong, Liugong, Changlin, Xiagong, Longgong, Shantui, etc.
Used bulldozers
Models have 802, 100, 120, 130, 140, 160, 165, 220, 320, 420,
the brand are Dongfanghong, Xuanhua, Shantui and other series of models.
The brand of bulldozers are mainly Carterpillar , Shantui, Xuanhua, Pengpu, Sany, Dongfanghong, Shanghai, etc.
Used forklifts
Models have 1 ton, 2 ton, 3 ton, 4 ton, 5 ton, 6 ton, 7 ton, 8 ton, 10 ton / 1 ton - 3 ton electric forklift;
Styles are battery forklift, diesel forklift;
The brands have Heli, Hangcha, Longgong, Dalian, Komatsu, TCM) and other series of models.
Used grader
Model are 160, 165, 180, 190.
The brand have Xugong, Tiangong, Liugong, Changlinand other series of models.
Transaction process:
1: Select your targets: According to your need, choose the product, and write down what you are interested in.
2: Call for consultation: Tell us about the stuff you choose online.
3: Determine the itinerary: After having ordered the stuff, please come to our company. If you need ,please tell us where and when you arrive in Shanghai so as to pick you up on time according to your instructions.
We provide free carriage service during your stay in Shanghai.
4: On-site trial: After your arrival at our company, we will arrange a staff to accompany you to see the products you want, you are free to request us to try any of our machines.
5: Determining the goods: After having tested the machine, decide the machine you choose.
6: Sign the contract: Please tell us the product you selected, we will give you a contract and related information. You and our company will sign a contract after your confirmation to strike a deal.

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